Along with many of you, Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids has deeply felt grief and sadness over the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and so many others.  As an emotional health support community we have also felt the outpouring of grief, anger and sadness experienced in West Michigan and beyond.


Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids stands in support of ending racial injustice in all communities.  As an organization we believe in equity and inclusivity.  We work to be an actively inclusive organization that reflects our fundamental commitment to diversity.  We strive to support the emotional needs of all persons on a cancer or grief journey through programming that reflects sensitivity and respect for personal, cultural and racial differences.


We remain committed and will continue to grow our focus on addressing the emotional health and support disparities African Americans, Latinx and other minorities face.  We will continue to examine critically and revise as necessary our program offerings and culture to ensure that  Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids is a place where every person of color feels supported, safe and valued.