What is Legacy Circle?

Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids Legacy Circle was established to recognize our generous and visionary friends who have included Gilda’s Club in their will or by some other method of planned gift during their lifetime or at death.

Making Your Planned Gift to Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids

Should you choose to include Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids in your will or some other estate planning vehicle or if you have already included us in your estate plans, we would be honored to know of your intentions and welcome you as a member of our Legacy Circle.

When you join the Legacy Circle you will not only be adding your name to our published list of members, but you are also ensuring the future of Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids, and leaving your mark on our community. Alternately, we will honor your request for anonymity.

Leaving A Gift Is Easy

Bequests from a will or trust are the most common way to leave a gift to Gilda’s Club. Some Legacy Circle members set aside a certain dollar amount, while others leave a percentage of the estate or assets left over after providing for their family. Others have made our organization the beneficiary of a 401K/IRA plan, insurance policy, Charitable Gift Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust with Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids. Our Planned Giving program offers you the opportunity to customize your own plan for including Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids in your estate.

Your Gift Will Be Completely Confidential

We will not ask how much is being left to Gilda’s Club, however, we are available to help you plan your gift and comply with your wishes. By letting us know the name you would choose for your fund and your plans for distribution, we will file this information confidentially. Be assured that your plans will be followed exactly as you have outlined them to us. Your instructions can be changed at any time with a simple call to our Development team.

Joining the Legacy Circle Takes One Simple Step

Submit the Letter of Intent Legacy Circle Form informing us of your intentions to include Gilda’s Club in your bequest. Please be sure to indicate if you wish your gift to remain confidential. This agreement is non-binding and does not constitute a legal promise of any future donation to Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids.

Please send the completed form to:

Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids

1806 Bridge Street NW

Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Attn: Development Office

Forms are also available at the clubhouse. You may also request a contact from a senior member of the Development team to contact you.

Thank You For Your Support

Whether you are planning a gift of have already made us a beneficiary, we are so grateful for your support. The Legacy Circle is just one of the many ways we would like to recognize you today for future gifts that will provide significant benefits to Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids. YOU are ensuring the path to a future of FREE emotional health for the community today and tomorrow!